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From traditional tried-and-true, to creative and cutting edge, we bring the marketing solutions that drive High Net-Worth client introductions, acquisition and growth.

Our solutions focus on the following three areas:

Inseparable Relationships

Create business and personal relationships that beat the competition and outlasts wealth transfer, divorce, etc.

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Epic Experiences

Providing memorable experiences that your clients, prospects, COIs and more never stop talking about.

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Intelligent Growth

Growing a business that is ahead of industry trends, beats the competition, grows with new generations and boosts your ROI.

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A proprietary database of every single Momentum marketing strategy that is continually updated to keep ahead of industry trends. We use it to compare the marketing strategies you have in place and explore potential solutions to customize for you as well as to make certain we’d don’t miss a potential opportunity.

Inseperable Relationships

1. Emergency Systems and Communications

  • Team emergencies
  • Client emergencies
  • Economy and market emergencies
  • Key employee unexpected departure

2. Critical Touch System

  • Clients at risk
  • Top clients who require more attention

3. Perception vs. Reality Analysis

  • Feedback plan
  • Surveys
  • Advisory boards
  • Team vs. client perception and reality

4. Client Analysis

  • Profiles
  • Segmentation
  • TOM (Top of Mind) list
  • Gathering/client update form
  • Entering, reviewing, updating

5. Gratitude System

Epic Experiences

1. Doing business

  • Introduction system
  • Prospects system
  • On-boarding system
  • Financial planning process
  • Pre-, during-, and post-meeting process
  • Office experience

2. Touches

  • Communication plan
  • Touch plan
  • Gifts that keep on giving
  • Social media
  • Newsletter
  • PR

3. Event solutions

  • Appreciation events
  • Bring-a-guest strategy and events
  • Secret sauce
  • Philanthropic
  • Volunteer

Intelligent Growth

1. Current industry trends

  • Industry trends
  • Competition analysis
  • Top issues facing clients
  • Generational needs

2. Become an expert and a resource

  • You
  • Your team
  • Subtopic
  • Your COIs
  • Messaging
  • Communicating

3. Helping vs. selling

  • You, your team, your COIs
  • Messaging and communicating

4. Business planning

  • SWOT
  • Short, medium, and long-term strategies
  • Review quarterly and end of year

5. Leadership

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